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We help jobs take shape. With top-notch products, equipment rental, and solutions using gang and handset forming systems from leading manufacturers, such as Symons, SureBuilt, Gates, and Doka.

We are proud to have provided forming for Baptist Health, University of Arkansas, ARDOT, and other large-scale construction projects.

We rent, sell, and deliver concrete forming and shoring products. Our services include pre-budget and design estimates, full job quotes, engineering services, as well as on-site training. Working with the industry's top manufacturers we supply a variety of systems including Steel-Ply, Frami, Framax, Aluminum Beam Gang, 10K shoring, and various plywood systems.

Concrete Forming Systems

Doka Framed Formwork Frami Xlife

Frami Xlife is a complete system, which also comprises high-performance safety and workplace accessories. The Frami Xlife panels are lightweight and easy to handle, so they can be erected very quickly by hand, without the use of a crane. On sites with a crane, it is also possible to lift several panels at a time, in a gang-form. The ingenious modular design makes for optimum adaptability to all job site conditions.

Cut Costs Stay Safe

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Safety First

  • The Frami safety tie off handle meets OSHA requirements
  • Three safety handles per 9ft. panel

Slashes Handset Labor Costs

  • 80% fewer connections with only 3 clamps per 9ft. panel
  • 75% fewer ties with only two ties for a 9ft. high pour, up to 13.5sq.ft. per tie
  • Uses the lightest fastest clamp - only 2.6 lbs. and it goes on with one hand
  • No wood walers are required
  • Form columns faster. Universal panels form up to 36” square columns.
  • Reduces your maintenance costs. No rust with a hot dipped galvanized frame. Longer plywood lifespan with all birch plywood that is protected by the frame and edges sealed with hot caulking.

Frami Dimensions

Doka Framed Formwork Framax Xlife

Framax Xlife is the framed formwork sys­tem that us­es on­ly a very few dif­fer­ent pan­el for­mats to achieve a con­sis­tent 15 cm in­cre­ment-grid, no mat­ter whether the pan­els are stood up­right or on their sides. All the con­nec­tors and accessories fit seam­less­ly in­to this grid – mak­ing for fast forming-times and high ef­fi­cien­cy.


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Comprehensive Workplace Safety

  • Safe ver­ti­cal ac­cess with the Lad­der sys­tem XS
  • Work­place safe­ty on all sides with the Platform sys­tem Xsafe plus
  • Prac­ti­cal accessories – such as pan­el struts, lift­ing/re­po­si­tion­ing de­vices, 3-in-1 pole tool etc. – make for safe, easy han­dling of the formwork

Superlative Concrete Results

  • Clean con­crete fin­ish from the high-grade Xlife sheet with its plas­tic-en­hanced sur­face
  • The in­ge­nious­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed pan­el size-grid per­mits a neat joint pat­tern even when com­bin­ing up­right and hor­i­zon­tal pan­els
  • No screw im­prints in the con­crete, as the formwork sheet is screwed on from the rear
  • The neat neg­a­tive frame-im­prints in the con­crete min­imise any fin­ish­ing-work

Easy Handling & Planning

  • The in­ge­nious­ly co-or­d­i­nat­ed pan­el for­mats, with their log­i­cal size-grid, help you make op­ti­mum use of formwork com­mis­sion­ing quan­ti­ties
  • Hav­ing on­ly five pan­el widths makes for easy plan­n­ing and forming, and ef­fi­cient lo­gis­tics

Rapid Working

  • Forming-times are kept short by the wide­ly spaced form-ties (up to 1.35 m apart)
  • Rapid forming pos­si­ble thanks to large-area gangs or ex­tra-large pan­els
  • With a high-pres­sure wash­er, fi­nal and in­ter­me­di­ate clean­ing is easy, thanks to the pan­els' pow­der-coat­ed frames and stur­dy timber-plas­tic composite sheets

Symons Steel-Ply System

The Symons Steel-Ply is the most productive, pre-engineered, reusable, factory-built concrete forming system in use today.  It is designed for maximum versatility and can be used to form virtually any concrete structure.

Save Time Save Materials Efficient for Curved Walls Work Safely

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Work Safe with the Quick Hook Handle

Its exclusive design meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirement for fall protection (Subpart M).

  • The Quick Hook Handle is integral to the panel design with staggered locations between the cross members. This provides convenient climbing and attachment points for personal safety equipment. This design improves worker safety without any reduction in productivity.
  • The same Quick Hook Handle is used to carry the panel. The design provides enough clearance for hands, but does not interfere with panel stacking for storage.

Efficient for Curved Walls

Two-foot-wide panels readily form curved walls down to a 15' inside radius (30' diameter). Standard fillers can be used to form smaller radius walls, for example 8" fillers are used to form a 5' radius. One inch, 1½" and 2" fillers adapt to radius walls easily with no “cut-up” construction.

Steel-Ply Saves Materials

Unlike job-built formwork, which must be tailored for each specific pour, the Steel-Ply forming system comes in a variety of standard sizes which can be combined to form virtually any dimension. Steel-Ply panels and fillers are made of specially laminated plywood mounted on rugged steel frames. They can be used up to 200 times before being re-plyed.

Save time with easy set up & strip.

  • No measuring, sawing, drilling, or nailing is required.
  • Minimal training is needed, so workers are quickly up to maximum efficiency.
  • Only two type of connecting hardware is required - Wedge Bolts & Long Bolts.
  • No special tools required - just a carpenter's hammer.

Shoring System

The 10k/leg shoring system is a proven method for shoring slabs at a wide range of heights and is especially effective for heights over 18 ft. Combining European technology with American methodology, the 10k system works well in conjunction with our Dokaflex and Dokamatic table systems.


High leg load capacity combined with flexible a range of uses:

  • Wide range of load capacity available up to 17,300 lb/leg.
  • Frames are available in 2' or 4' widths and 3', 4', 5', or 6' heights.
  • Cross braces are available in 3', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8', and 10' widths allowing the frames to be spaced from 3 ft. to 10 ft. apart.

Huge Flexibility to make work easier for your crew:

  • H20/Steel W8 Beams, aluminum or steel junior beams are used for stringers.
  • H20 timber beams or aluminum beams are used for joists.
  • Darragh's engineering department will provide detailed layout drawings and calculations if required.
  • Darragh maintains an inventory at our Little Rock and Benton warehouses which are available for immediate delivery.